Lighting Products

Whether it’s on the jobsite, at home, or as a hobby, one of the most important parts of any job is ascertaining what needs to be done. Whether it’s inspecting the foundation of a house, peering behind an appliance in need of repair, or looking over a new scale model kit, a dependable light source is always needed for the project. NEBO®’s line of lighting products can help in illuminating any task that needs tackling. With the aid of NEBO’s cutting-edge LED-based light sources, hobbyists can examine the smallest spaces with the most amount of illumination needed.

If peering into a tight space, the INSPECTOR 500+ is just the thing for the task. This powerful 500-lumen inspection penlight is rechargeable and waterproof, featuring four light modes and an expandable light area. The INSPECTOR 500+ also features Flex-Power Technology and can be powered by rechargeable or AAA batteries. It comes with a sturdy pocket clip for secure, everyday carry and has a magnetic base for hands-free use.

The MYCRO Headlamp and Cap Light is the perfect tool for tasks where both hands are required. This rechargeable light can be worn using an adjustable head strap or clip it to the bill of a cap. The MYCRO has six light modes to illuminate any space with 15 to 400 lumens of light and an ultra-bright Turbo mode that provides 30 seconds of light at 400 lumens.

Then there is the TORCHY 2K, which features a 2000-lumen light in a small, compact body that will fit into the smallest of corners and crevices. The TORCHY 2K is a water-resistant light source and features a detachable two-way clip for convenient carry and a magnetic base for hands-free lighting. The TORCHY 2K has a MagDock USB rechargeable battery with five light modes that transition seamlessly through Smart Power Control.