Gold Dome Film

Real Gold, Inc., a manufacturer of genuine gold impregnated films has announced a new cost-effective 20+ year 22-karat Gold Dome Restoration Film. This product can be used to beautify domes on churches, mosques, and public buildings throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. The strikingly brilliant 22-karat gold film now features an extraordinary 20+ year outdoor warranty.


It is guaranteed to not fade or delaminate for 20 years, and the maintenance-free exterior grade of the gold film is durable and features a non-stick surface resistant to airborne contaminants and fowl waste. The 22-Karat Gold Dome Restoration Film features a permanent self-adhesive with easy application to copper, aluminum, and fiberglass dome surfaces, thus costing a fraction of traditional labor-intense hand-applied gold leaf.

Real Gold, Inc., is an American manufacturer of genuine gold impregnated films. Since 1929, four generations of the Edward Quick, Sr., family have produced and developed genuine gold film products for commercial and private use. Real Gold, Inc., products are utilized for their long-lasting beauty, brilliance, and durability by top leaders in the industries of sign making, dome restoration, and graphic design.