New Documents

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has released a three-part white paper series Metal Roofing and PV Solar Systems Parts 1, 2, and 3. Part one had been published earlier this year. Parts two and three were recently added to expand on the original paper and supply additional technical guidance for optimal installation and mounting of PV solar systems on metal roofing.

Part one details the benefits of metal roofing as a solar mounting platform. Included are important but frequently overlooked topics, such as service life and durability comparisons for metal roofing and PV systems. For instance, solar PV has a service life of more than 30 years. Metal is one of the only roofing materials that outlives the PV system.

Part two discusses how to mount solar PV to metal rooftops to provide the most benefit for building owners and solar contractors. This information is integral to lower installation costs and lengthen the product life cycle for the greatest return on investment. Topics include preserving the integrity of the roof and PV system, and code compliance.

Part three calls attention to the mounting system that marries the expensive PV array to the host roof and how metal roofs enable solar PV systems to perform at their best. The roles of careful planning, high-quality materials, design, and installation are highlighted. The white papers are part of MCA Metal University and can be downloaded online.

The MCA brings together a diverse industry for the purpose of expanding the use of metal in construction through marketing, research, technology, and education. Companies involved in MCA gain tremendous benefit from association activities that focus on research, codes and standards, market development, and technical programs. MCA’s market development efforts increase the use of metal materials in construction through the education of the building and design communities about the benefits of metal.