Equipment Notes: Silicone

Options For Application

by Pat Amicucci, Northern California territory sales manager, Roofmaster Products Company









(Pat Amicucci has been with Roofmaster in his current position for more than 25 years as the Northern California territory sales manager. He is a certified Leister technician and has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of the construction industry, specializing in roofing equipment, tools, accessories, sales, and service. He can be reached at or (916) 296-6714.)

Silicone has become one of the fastest growing roof coating applications today and one of the more technical. Crews need to be familiar with the operations and dangers associated with the equipment. Some of the equipment cost can range upwards of $30,000 or as little as $1000 to get you set up.

When it comes to applying silicone, there are a couple of options that are the most productive and make the most sense. The least expensive option would be roll applied. Commercial grade rollers range in sizes from 14’ to 40” with a 6” diameter and are attached to a frame with a wheel and an accompanying vat with holes to control the flow of the materials. This option is most suitable for the contractor looking to test the waters of applying silicone and/or the contractor focused on smaller jobs. This option is also a good option for a larger contractor when the wind conditions won’t allow your crews to spray.

The most technical and most expensive is spray applied. Not any sprayer will do the job and the expensive units range from anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000. Most of this price disparity depends upon hose length and then followed by features like heavy-duty construction, instrumentation, and hydraulic auxiliaries for mixer attachments and to be able to raise and lower the fluid section to clear a 55-gallon drum. Units at the lower end of the price range are more suited for the medium size contractors only wanting to focus on midsize and the occasional larger projects. Higher range units are more suitable for the larger contractor that has a more frequent emphasis on large projects and wants the least amount of restrictions.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider and fitting your company with the right options is not all black and white. Roofmaster® has 70 years of knowledge and is looking forward to the opportunity to custom fit your company with the right equipment.