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At Headlands Coastal Lodge and Spa, a nature-focused retreat on the North Coast
of Oregon in Pacific City, guests will find the ocean, rivers, beaches, and trails right 
outside their rooms.  “It is a place where forested cliffs and towering sand dunes 
meet the dramatic Pacific coastline,” said Jeremy Strober, manager of the luxury 
lodge and spa. While the area’s natural beauty beckons visitors to the new coastal 
property, it also can deliver harsh weather to the seaside climate. 
Local contractor O’Brien Construction, Cannon Beach, Oregon, led the new build and
teamed up with Harris Roofing, Gearhart, Oregon, for the overhead work. To meet 
the demands on the roof, Legacy® laminated architectural shingles made with 
polymer modified asphalt by Malarkey Roofing Products were recommended, along 
with additional roofing system components.
“The owner was willing to get the higher quality product,” said Keeley O’Brien, president of O’Brien Construction. The decision to use the shingles was based on the heavier duty for install during the winter on the coast. On Legacy laminated architectural shingles, Malarkey applies five lines of an SBS adhesive between the two shingle layers for added strength. These shingles come with a 110 mph limited wind warranty and are eligible for a 130 mph enhanced wind warranty when Smart Start™ starter shingles are installed, shingles are six-nailed, and either EZ-Ridge™ or RidgeFlex™ hip and ridge shingles are used. 
Heavy on-shore winds also bring moisture to the coast for months on end. This moisture invites the growth of algae, which often results in unsightly black streaks on roofs. The Legacy shingles selected by the lodge feature Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M. Malarkey, in partnership with 3M who pioneered the science of algae protection, has produced and warranted algae resistant roofing products since 1994. Legacy shingles Scotchgard Protector will provide lasting protection against black streaks to preserve the beauty of the new lodge.
In addition to wind and rain, coastal temperatures can experience dramatic fluctuations between seasons. Roofing contractors in the area may find themselves installing shingles on a roof in 30F during the winter, or 90F in the summer. The Legacy shingle remains one of Malarkey’s most popular lines, largely due to its construction with exceptional polymer modified asphalt. The polymer modified asphalt not only retains flexibility down to 0˚F, which is 40º lower than the typical installation of standard asphalt shingles, it also provides unparalleled granule retention to limit UV degradation over the lifetime of the shingle. While the Oregon coast may see fog in the winter months, summers can be bright and dry, requiring superior UV protection.
The Legacy shingle also plays a significant role in Malarkey’s Secure Choice roofing system, which utilizes several performance-driven components to provide complete roof protection. These components typically include starter, field, and ridge shingles, as well as an underlayment or ice and water barrier. For the latter, the Headlands project utilized two durable underlayments, including Right Start™ UDL and Arctic Seal®, specifically surrounding skylights and valleys. Finishing the roof, are RidgeFlex hip and ridge shingles, which are also made with polymer modified asphalt to provide UL2218 Class 4 impact resistance.
“The project went great, in fact,” said O’Brien. “The roofing project was done in two phases over the winter.”  First, the hotel was completed in a week and a half. Second, the lodge was completed in one week. O’Brien’s company is typically busier in the winter months due to its building niche in the local hospitality and beverage industries.  Next to the Headlands Lodge is the Pelican Brewery, which was also constructed by O’Brien Construction and shares a similar exterior style.
Midnight black was chosen for the shingle color of the lodge to unify additional adjacent properties. “Midnight black is a closer match to the Cottages at Cape Kiwanda next door to The Headlands,” said Strober. Under all 222 squares of shingles, the 22,200 sq.ft., 33-room Headlands Lodge features several amenities. There is a spa and wellness studio, outdoor hot tub, as well as a restaurant and bar focusing on Pacific Northwest cuisine, complete with its own herb garden. “At Headlands, guests have the option to head out and enjoy the rugged, natural beauty of Pacific City, or stay in and relax in the stylish, inviting lodge,” added Strober. Regardless of which option their guests choose, they can rest assured there is a reliable Malarkey Legacy roof overhead.Cover_Story_files/WR%20Calendar%209.12.doc
Seaside Retreat
Stunning Coastal Lodge in Pacific City, Oregon
by Bobby Lambrix, marketing coordinator, Malarkey Roofing Products