Safety Walkway

RoofSmart has released its new roof safety walkway. The RoofSmart Pad protects roofing professionals and prevents damage to the customer’s roof. RoofSmart recognized that while existing products focused on keeping roofing contractors and their equipment safe, damage to customer property such as broken roof tiles could be a costly and unwanted side effect of safe roofing work.

This United States patented product is OSHA compliant and has been designed to work on any pitch and on roof surfaces such as terracotta tiles, asphalt, slate, metal, shingles, or even costly solar tiles. The pad’s unique design evenly distributes the worker’s weight to disperse the energy pressure points, preventing any damage to sensitive roof surfaces. The company states the product helps any type of business that needs to go on a rooftop to do their job, from solar installations to chimney repair, tree trimmers, and more.

The RoofSmart Pad is available in walkway pad packs of three and includes a ladder brace. Equipment toolboxes, step for steep-pitch roofs, and additional ladder braces are sold separately. Because of how well the pads evenly distribute the workers weight and prevent tile and shingle breakage, RoofSmart Pads are a great tool addition suitable for both experienced roof workers and those relatively new to their industry.