Roof Measurements

ABC® Supply Co. Inc. and GAF are joining forces to give contractors convenient access to aerial roof measurements through their myABCsupply account. ABC Supply customers are now able to order a GAF QuickMeasure report, retrieve reports, and place their materials order with ABC Supply without leaving the myABCsupply app, giving contractors back a little more time in their day. ABC Supply launched myABCsupply in 2019 to give its customers 24/7 access to place orders online, view order details, track deliveries, retrieve delivery photos, and manage their billing.

GAF QuickMeasure is a complete aerial roofing measurement tool based on third-party proprietary software that delivers accurate, automated roof measurements in less than one hour for single-family homes and less than 24 hours for multifamily and commercial properties. In addition to complete measurements, GAF QuickMeasure provides an interactive roof report, which includes a design view featuring GAF products customized to the project. All reports include a recommended materials list based on the measurements, which can be ordered directly through the myABCsupply app. When ordered through myABCsupply, GAF QuickMeasure reports are billed with your monthly ABC Supply statement.