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Homeowners spend billions reroofing their homes, with the residential roofing market predicted to hit $8.2 billion in 2020. Today, metal roofing represents about 15% of the overall roofing market in the United States and Canada. Thanks to metal roofing’s benefits, which include long-term durability and reduced environmental impacts, there is more consumer interest, and questions, than ever before about metal roofing. Better informed homeowners make good home improvement investments, which is why education and helping ensure consumers have greater access to information and the most up-to-date tools is a top priority for the Metal Roofing Alliance®. For homeowners looking to learn more about the roofing process, how various materials compare, and arm themselves before embarking on a reroofing project this year, the following are now available as free resources from the Metal Roofing Alliance.

Above All Else, You Need a Great Roof is a free e-book written by experienced roofing installers and covers everything from how to tell if you really need a new roof to how to choose an installer and evaluate warranties. It is a great resource for any homeowner who wants in-depth information before they consider reroofing their home with metal or other products. Metal Roofing Buyer’s Guide is a free e-book created to serve as a buyer’s guide and owner’s manual. The detailed guide focuses on how to choose a quality metal roof, different metal roofing types, decision-making factors, installation processes, care and maintenance, and more. Resilient Housing Guide is a free e-book that explores topics in the building and home improvement industry on how to build tougher, longer lasting homes. Sustainable Masterpieces is a free e-book that features stunning imagery that highlights how quality metal roofing performs as beautifully as it looks.