Solar System

For the first time ever, a solar system has been created to be able to install solar panels on any metal roof type in the world. Sunflare® has introduced LiteMount, a lightweight module that seamlessly integrates with every existing metal roof attachment system. This lightweight solar system is less than one pound per square foot installed. That is approximately 1/4 of most installed silicon framed modules.

Sunflare’s mission is to reduce CO2, so it’s imperative to find innovative ways to go where traditional solar can’t. At almost 4 lbs. per sq.ft., silicon is too heavy to be installed on many metal roofs. The metal roof market is over 250 trillion sq.ft. worldwide. LiteMount is lightweight, low-profile, rugged, and is ready to do the heavy lifting in the weight-constrained market.

LiteMount panels have a wind load of 42 lbs. per sq.ft. and a snow load up to 33 lbs. per sq.ft. It also has no glass covering, so it’s shatterproof. That means there’s no waste due to broken panels. It’s easier to install because one person can carry two panels by themselves, and two people can carry up to ten together. Also, as with the Sunflare Flex60 modules, it has bypass diodes at every cell. That means shading doesn’t affect Sunflare as much as most silicon panels that have a bypass diode for every string. It would take full shade to shut down a Sunflare panel, whereas silicon panels can be shut down if shade falls across the top of the strings. It has a 25-year warranty for product workmanship and power production.

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