Radiant Barrier

Innovative Insulation’s RF Shielding Radiant Barrier is designed to be a reflective insulation, keeping 99.9% of the electronically transmitted radio frequency waves emitted from a variety of sources away from people. RF Shielding can be used on roofs, on the top side of the truss, under the sheathing, or below the bottom chord to limit the amount of radio frequency energy filtering into buildings, in addition to providing energy savings in the summer and winter due to the material’s reflective properties. RF Shielding can also be installed in attics.

Innovation Insulation’s RF Shielding Radiant Barrier is a reflective insulation that is white on one side, silver on the other, and comes in either Super R® Plus Radiant Barrier or Tempshield® Reflective Bubble Insulation rolls. It is tested to IEEE-299 by a certified independent laboratory and tested for a frequency range of 10kHz to 10GHz, proving to be up to 99.06% effective in shielding signals.

Radio frequency is produced by both natural and artificial sources. Naturally, it comes from the sun, the earth, and the ionosphere. Artificially, radio frequency radiation stems from radio and television broadcasting, mobile phones, wireless networks such as Wi-Fi, cordless phones, police and fire department radios, point-to-point links, and satellite communications. Other sources include microwave ovens, radar, industrial heaters and sealers, and various medical applications.



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