Gold Star Treatment

Hail-Damaged Shopping Center Gets New Roof in San Antonio, Texas

by Daniel Suster, owner, CIMA Contractors, LLC

*photo courtesy of CIMA Contractors LLC


Hailstorms are unpredictable and damaging, and the mostly flat, exposed roof surfaces typical of many commercial shopping centers can be especially vulnerable. A highly damaging hailstorm recently struck the four-decades-old San Pedro Square Shopping Center in San Antonio, Texas. The battering the 30,000 sq.ft. structure received compromised the roof, leaving the building’s tenants and their possessions exposed to leaks. The building owner needed a first-class contractor to provide a long-term, watertight roofing solution quickly, so as to minimize disruption to local shop owners.

With this in mind, the shopping center chose CIMA Contractors, LLC, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, to facilitate a total roof replacement. Specializing in storm damage restoration, CIMA Contractors has repaired many industrial, retail, and multifamily properties impacted by storm damage from hail and windstorm events. As a CertainTeed® Gold Star-credentialed commercial contractor with a record of high-quality workmanship, expertise, and reliability, CIMA Contractors was able to offer San Pedro Square a 15-year, no-dollar-limit material and workmanship warranty on a new, high-performance roofing system.

The San Pedro Square roof replacement was a difficult task, with CIMA Contractors encountering several obstacles along the way. During tear off, contractors discovered the previous roof was a problematic combination of three old systems stacked atop one another, including the building’s original roof system covered with loose gravel that required additional time and effort to remove. The team also had to work cautiously within the building’s existing framework, which encompassed several gas lines and HVAC, plumbing, and heating system equipment.

“This was an extremely complicated project due to the sensitive structures and competing roof systems already in place,” said Sam Suster, president, CIMA Contractors. “It required extreme care as well as a suitable roofing system from a single manufacturer in which the parts would work together as the manufacturer intended.”

Aiming to create a more energy-efficient roof system, CIMA and CertainTeed worked in concert to design a system that incorporated several high-quality CertainTeed products designed to work together for optimal performance. CIMA installed tapered FlintBoard® ISO-T insulation, as well a heavy-duty Ultra Glass® SA base sheet to provide an additional safeguard against water intrusion. Torch-applied Flintlastic® GTA was selected as the cap sheet to provide additional protection against punctures and tears.

For the remaining roof field, CIMA mechanically-attached CertainTeed’s FlintBoard ISO insulation to the structure’s steel deck. They then applied the self-adhering Black Diamond® Base Sheet, respected for its strength, watertight protection, and easy handling. The area was also capped with torch-applied Flintlastic GTA.

CIMA installed the hybrid system in only three weeks, realizing the building owner’s goal of being minimally disruptive to tenants and customers. CIMA also coordinated with the building’s insurance provider throughout the reroofing project to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. With a new high-quality roof system backed by a strong warranty, both the owner of San Pedro Square and their business-owner tenants now have the peace of mind that comes with long-lasting protection.

“Given the nature of the problems with the existing roof system, this was a very quick project,” said Suster. “Using a self-adhered base sheet saved us a ton of time, labor, and unnecessary headaches. In the end, we created a tighter building envelope that the owner is sure to be happy with moving forward.”