Waste Calculator

EagleView® has unveiled its new waste calculation product, Suggested Waste Factor (SWF). As the first-ever benchmark waste calculation, SWF provides customers with an objective, third-party estimate of how much material and labor are required to replace a roof. It helps contractors avoid excess costs and production delays, while assisting insurance companies in accurately paying claims and informing supplemental coverage discussions, effectively cutting out significant and costly processes in both industries.

SWF can be used in real-time, as EagleView is a provider of roof measurements that take the unique characteristics of each property into consideration, without any manual input. EagleView has also unveiled new SWF technology, which enhances the 3D visualizer model and implements wall renderings and measurements. Valuable sales tools can now be generated without ever setting foot on a property. Contractors are able to show homeowners a complete 3D structure, including walls and wall measurements. SWF breaks the age-old stereotypes of construction estimates being incorrect and vague, as well as enables contractors to win more bids with real-time data and visualization tools.



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