Training Videos

Two new series of training videos from Mule-Hide Products Co. will guide viewers through the steps of correctly installing EPDM and self-adhered modified bitumen roofing systems, helping contractors deliver roofs that provide long-lasting, hassle-free performance. Each series consists of 19 new videos and both cover such topics as insulation attachment, seaming, and flashing techniques for a variety of scenarios. The EPDM series also examines the application of adhesive in fully adhered systems. The self-adhered mod bit series also addresses the correct installation of base and cap sheets and reviews the components required for a system to qualify for various warranties. The video libraries can be accessed on the Mule-Hide Products YouTube® channel or on the company’s website.

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. offers high-performance roofing products and systems that meet the current and emerging needs of the design community, contractors, and building owners with a strong focus on sustainable solutions.