TPO Membranes

Designed for attachment directly to plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) roof decks, new TPO Fleece Back FR membranes from Mule-Hide Products Co. deliver a UL Class A fire rating without the need for a fire-retardant barrier board or slip sheet. TPO Fleece Back FR is ideally suited for use in the West, where fire is a significant concern and building codes require many buildings to have Class A fire-rated roofing systems. Building owners get the necessary Class A fire rating while contractors get a faster, easier installation by eliminating the need to add a fire-retardant barrier.

Fleece reinforcement gives the membrane an added layer of protection against punctures. Splinters from OSB and plywood roof decks will not create holes in the membrane, which is a common issue when standard membranes are attached directly to these materials. More puncture-resistant than modified bitumen membranes, it stands up to hail and damaging debris exceptionally well.

Large sheet sizes and a wide window of weldability make installation quick and easy. TPO Fleece Back FR is available in 10’ x 50’ and 10’ x 100’ sizes. This is significantly larger than typical modified bitumen sheets, reducing the number of seams to weld by 67%. The ability to weld at wide ranges of temperature and humidity also means fewer stops to adjust the settings on the automatic welder and perform a test weld.

TPO Fleece Back FR membranes remain flexible in low temperatures and offer excellent resistance to impacts. They also stand up to acids, bases, and restaurant exhaust emissions without degradation. Like all Mule-Hide Products TPO membranes, TPO Fleece Back FR membranes include the Mule-Hide Products Weathering Package, ensuring that the membrane will withstand exposure to severe climate conditions. The weathering package is comprised of three heat-stabilizing antioxidants, three ultraviolet (UV) light stabilizers, and two UV light absorbers, making the membrane highly resistant to heat, sun, ozone, and oxidation. TPO Fleece Back FR membranes contain no chlorine, plasticizers, or volatile organic compounds and are odor-free, making them an environment, crew, and building occupant friendly choice.

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. offers premium-quality, high-performance roofing products and systems that meet the current and emerging needs of the design community, contractors, and building owners with a strong focus on sustainable solutions.

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