Expanded Shingle Line

IKO®, a global manufacturer of residential roofing shingles and commercial waterproofing and roofing products, has expanded its Cambridge™ Cool Colors shingle line with six new colors that have an increased Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 20+, exceeding California’s Title 24 minimum standard by 25%. The four darker-toned color selections are a first for the industry and are heavily demanded options for the homeowners of California.

The expansion of this line offers three distinct color blends ranging from COOL PLUS, COOL, and Natural COOL. The COOL PLUS color selection includes the darker options of weatherwood, Harvard slate, dual brown, and graphite black. COOL shingles are available in SRI 20+ in the medium color blends canyon oak and sand dune. With the new spread of color ranges, IKO’s Cool Colors now total nine color blend options. The original color range, NATURAL COOL, has an SRI of 16+ with an added benefit of dual grey also being algae resistant and arctic white having the highest SRI of 23+.

IKO has a long history of vertical integration, and the development of this product is no different. Over the past two years, IKO, along with its third-party pigment supplier, has developed proprietary reflective colored granules for the COOL and COOL PLUS shingles so that they meet advanced standards while giving the homeowner a wide range of options to fit their specific tastes and desired curb appeal. In addition to energy efficiency, three Cambridge Cool Colors bundles cover precisely 100 sq.ft., which means accurate measurements and an exact number of shingles in every package, every time. Because of their bigger profile, installation of Cambridge shingles is not only faster and easier for contractors, but it also creates a dramatic finished appearance and lowers job costs associated with excess materials and labor. Matching or complementary IKO UltraHP® High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles are available to protect vulnerable roof areas and to create a truly stunning roofline.