Pre-Fabricated Roofing System

Rock-Ply Roofing System Solves Unique Challenges for Hospital

by Tim Hart, vice president, Western Operations, Duro-Last, Inc.

From Western Roofing Jul/Aug ’13

With lives and millions of dollars of medical equipment at risk, roof leaks in a hospital can have devastating results. That is exactly what hospital administrators at Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande, Oregon were faced with.

“Our leaking roofs were more than an inconvenience to our doctors, patients, and staff,” said Tim Wilcox, construction engineer, and Dave Cross, special projects for Grande Ronde Hospital. There were multiple leaks and fractures in the 15-year-old roof. The mechanical fasteners were corroded, failing, and backing out of the roof. The hospital could no longer live with this problem. Wilcox, Cross, and hospital administrators went to work on a solution. After carefully researching various roofing systems, Grande Ronde Hospital officials specifically chose Duro-Last®, Inc. of Saginaw, Michigan for their ability to engineer a custom pre-fabricated Rock-Ply® Roofing System and for their full system warranty.

Knowing that the right roofing system was only half of the solution, Wilcox obtained a skilled, detail-oriented contractor to get the job done right. Maier Roofing, a Duro-Last Elite Contractor since 1995, has completed over 4,200,000 sq.ft. of high-quality Duro-Last installations. This project presented unique challenges, making it a perfect fit for Maier Roofing.

“Weather was a major consideration,” said Steve Boyd, owner of Maier Roofing, as October weather in Eastern Oregon can quickly turn into snow. The first challenge presented was the removal of the original roof in a fickle weather climate. For that, all fabrication for the hospital’s new roof was pre-fabricated at Duro-Last’s West Coast Manufacturing Plant in Grants Pass, Oregon. The large, pre-fabricated Rock-Ply sections were invaluable for this project. “We were able to tear off large sections of the roof and then apply large pre-fabricated sections of the new Rock-Ply Roofing System. This proved to be a very effective method: removing only a certain amount of old roofing each day, and then installing the new roofing system. This provided us with an easy night seal to the old roof to accommodate the weather conditions,” said Boyd. Pre-fabrication ensured a higher-quality roof, because 80-85% of the field seams and detail work was performed under ideal conditions in a factory setting. Additionally, by maximizing factory pre-fabrication, field workmanship was minimized; increasing crew productivity and reducing workmanship-related problems.

“Duro-Last Rock-Ply proved to be the smartest choice for this roof,” stated Boyd. Because the roof could easily be seen from the hospital rooms and upper level conference rooms, it was important to hospital administration to have an appealing roofing system. The Rock-Ply Roofing System gives the appearance of gravel, through river-rock imagery, without adding the additional weight of ballast or rocks to the roof. “The Rock-Ply Roofing System had many features we were looking for, which included an aesthetically appealing roofing system that was cooler than our original, failed, black roofing system,” said Wilcox.

“Everyone that sees the Duro-Last Rock-Ply Roofing System comments on how nice it looks. Many take pictures of the roof,” said Wilcox. With the building dry and leak-free, and with a new, aesthetically-pleasing roof, Grand Ronde Hospital can rest assured that their Duro-Last Rock-Ply Roofing System will be protecting patients, staff, and equipment for generations to come.

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