Up to the Task

Strong Roof Provides Extra Protection in Dallas, Texas

by Jason Peace, senior director of marketing & product management, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum



Sun Commercial Roofs, Dallas, Texas, has provided full-service commercial roofing to companies throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1988. Their top-notch roofing professionals have deep levels of experience with all types of commercial and industrial roof applications, including flat roofs, roof replacements, and preventative maintenance. In fact, their flat roofing services are highly sought after by local industrial factories, commercial shopping centers, and businesses. Featuring a reliance on quality materials and unsurpassed craftsmanship, the Sun Commercial Roofs team is well-versed in industry best practices.

Jarrell Perrin, project manager at Sun Commercial Roofs, had an approach to choosing a roofing product for the data center, the third of its kind he has completed, which focused on the unique requirements of the job. The building is an active data center and requires a stronger-than-normal roof system to protect the customer’s investment.

There were several upfront and unexpected challenges presented by the project. The appropriate roof would require multiple layers and specific products to both withstand the elements and protect the interior. Redundancies and extra precautions would be implemented, to include elements only required when building data centers. There needed to be extensive protection against wind uplift as well as against membrane punctures in the future. Also, the team was working through one of the wettest Aprils in Dallas history. When presented with product options to meet the unique parameters and complete the 140,000 sq.ft. project, Perrin chose DensDeck® Prime Roof Board with EONIC™ Technology from Georgia-Pacific.

“We like to use DensDeck Prime roof boards because of the extra protection it offers each project,” said Perrin. “The performance of the roof adds to its long-term stability, and that’s the level of product performance we need.”

Perrin’s team installed the DensDeck Prime roof boards as both a thermal protector and as a cover board to meet the project requirements. Specifically, they installed 5/8” DensDeck roof boards against the steel deck, and used the 1/2” Prime roof board product as the cover board. The team reports seeing better, stronger uplift ratings when the cover board is adhered, as opposed to other installation options, and reported positively on the consistent adhesive performance of the DensDeck Prime roof boards.

The biggest challenge of the project remained the weather. An unusually wet April led to as many days off as worked, which presented a challenge in meeting deadlines. As far as time savings, DensDeck Prime roof boards allowed the Sun Commercial Roofs installers to bring in more trucks per day because the product is lighter than other options. A total of eight trucks, versus six of another product, could be accepted at a time due to the lower amount of manpower needed and the lessened impact on the roof.

“You can’t overload the roof during this process, so the lighter weight of DensDeck Prime roof boards is a definite perk,” said Perrin.

Past experience with cold storage work, where vapor is as much of a concern as water, reinforced the importance of a strong cover board to Perrin and his team. “When we are designing the building ourselves, DensDeck Prime roof boards are what we prefer,” he commented. “This data center was new construction and involved an architect specializing in data centers, but we were given the opportunity to choose the appropriate roofing product system.”

When asked about top features and benefits of DensDeck Prime roof boards, Perrin narrowed it down. “It’s easier to cut in the field and lighter to handle, which makes moving it around the site a breeze. The product offers a strong return on investment and we will always recommend a roof with a cover board. We have never run into any problems with the product itself and it’s very easy to get our hands on it quickly.” Plus, Perrin’s teams enjoy working with it, which he considers a big plus.

“The icing on the cake comes when, down the line, a maintenance worker accidentally drops a screwdriver and the DensDeck Prime roof boards protect the membrane from damage. When our customers can see and feel the difference choosing a product makes, that’s the biggest selling point there is.”