Concrete Roof Tiles

Boral® Roofing LLC, a manufacturer of durable and energy-efficient new and retrofit roofing systems, has announced its Vista Collection. The new concrete roof tile options include five varied neutral shades introduced to meet specific architectural, lifestyle, and color trends emerging within the state of Texas.

The new suite of hues is available with two of Boral Roofing’s most popular tile styles in the region: SaxonyÒ Country Slate and Shake. The shades include charcoal brown blend, chestnut burnt, dark Bordeaux, weathered cedar, and weathered greige. The collection launch is a direct result of extensive research conducted into consumer lifestyle and home design trends happening within the state.

Boral has been closely examining Texas and have found that, as with many other key regions across the country, home design within the state is trending toward sensorial relief in both home interiors and exteriors. This concept manifests itself in an aesthetic where ornamentation is reduced and calming neutral color palettes prevail. Boral Roofing’s research in Texas also points to specific architecture styles, including a shift in homeowner preference for trans-contemporary home design.

Transitional home designs reflect the clean lines of contemporary residential architecture while drawing heavily upon the details and style of traditional homes. Contemporary homes are characterized by a distinct preference for clean lines, open concepts, minimal exterior decoration, ample light sources with large windows, and a lack of rounded edges. These newly introduced colors perfectly align with this architecture, which blends farmhouse origins with a more modern aesthetic happening into Texas’ urban centers.

The concrete tile options within the Vista Collection are durable, lasting, and low maintenance. The tile offers significant energy-efficiency benefits by reducing electricity demands in the home, extending up to 22% in long-term energy cost savings to residents. The concrete tile offers a Class A fire rating. Additionally, it is manufactured sustainably with locally sourced, abundant, and naturally occurring geologic material and is fully recyclable at the end of its life on the roof.