Rotunda Reroof

Luxury Business Park Receives New Copper Roof in San Ramon, California

by Marcus Dodson, publisher



Office parks in Northern California are a dime a dozen. From Silicon Valley to the capital of Sacramento, businesses have plenty of places to choose from for their headquarters. For companies looking for a high-end option that values sustainability, Bishop Ranch is a perfect choice. Located in San Ramon, California, Bishop Ranch is a luxury corporate development, equipped with a premier conference center, transit program, high-end retail spots, and fine dining. Bishop Ranch’s 2600 Building is the heart of the development, accommodating nearly 8,000 employees on 100 acres of land. A stunning lakeside rotunda takes center stage, and while it houses state-of-the-art amenities inside, the existing roof had major issues.

First built in 1984 for the previous tenants, the original copper roof was erroneously mixed with galvanized steel fasteners, which over time led to galvanic corrosion, also known as electrolytic corrosion. This usage of dissimilar metals created pinholes in the roof, which in turn caused leakage issues throughout the rotunda. Sunset Development, the owner of Bishop Ranch, brought in Summit Roofing Services, Manteca, California, to install a new roof for the 2600 Building. Summit Roofing Services is no stranger to Bishop Ranch, as they’ve performed nearly 99% of the reroof work at the development since 1992. Four C’s Construction, Fresno, California, was the sheet metal fabrication and installation company subcontracted for the job.


The project began in June 2018 and Summit Roofing Services was given a hard deadline of September 2018. The contractors began the project by removing the original copper roof and underlayment. The original copper panels were salvaged, which goes along with Bishop Ranch’s tenet of sustainability whenever possible. A plywood diaphragm was mechanically re-attached, and a GCP Grace Ultra™ membrane and FelTex® synthetic roofing underlayment were applied. Morin® MorZip® copper standing-seam roof panels were then installed on the 3:12 roof with clips. MorZip is a single-skin wall and roof system that allows for improved design flexibility and seamless transitions on roofs and walls. A copper roof aligns perfectly with Bishop Ranch’s belief in sustainability and energy-efficiency. The office park encompasses 8 million sq.ft., and most of the buildings on the property have earned LEED® Gold certification. One way to help achieve this goal is to utilize copper, for it is one of the most widely recycled materials available. It is also extremely durable and has a high resistance to weather and corrosion.

Summit Roofing Services faced few issues throughout the installation, but the project wasn’t completely devoid of hiccups. San Ramon lies just over 30 miles from San Francisco, California, and the Bay Area’s varying weather patterns can create annoying conditions for contractors on the roof. As temperatures rise throughout the day, a mix of atmospheric pressure can cause high wind to travel from the Bay to nearby inland areas. Because of this, the Summit Roofing Services team made their best attempts to be off the roof by early afternoon. Additionally, they took particular care to install netting around their scaffolding and in areas around the rotunda that had pedestrian traffic, such as the rotunda’s outdoor dining area.

In addition to outdoor diners, the rotunda was in use during installation, and the teams were even working over a busy conference room. “We had to be respectful of the tenants, which meant keeping our noise levels as low as possible,” explained Tom Asbury, president, Summit Roofing Services and current president of the Western States Roofing Contractors Association. The contractors were only able to load items onto the roof on Saturdays, and noisy applications such as cutting were performed in the early-morning hours on weekdays.














“We also had an issue with the first delivery of the copper panels,” said Asbury. “Upon inspection, we immediately noticed the panels had some tiger paw defects.” Dark strips were present throughout the panels, caused by the lubricant used on the manufacturer’s steel roller. This defect caused a three-week delay, but thankfully it didn’t hinder Summit Roofing Services from reaching their hard deadline. Noise and size limitations also meant that Summit Roofing Services and Four C’s were unable to roll form the copper panels in their designated staging area next to the rotunda. Instead, the panels were roll formed in a nearby parking lot then transported to the rotunda on Saturdays. A full-time security guard was even provided by Sunset Development to watch the panels overnight.

In order to make this high-profile job come together seamlessly and on time, the team leaders needed to be on the same page. Thankfully, this was not an issue for the contractors, which included Marty Behrbaum, Summit’s superintendent; Javier Gonzales, Summit’s jobsite foreman; John Chambers, Four C’s constructions project manager; David Ochoa, Four C’s construction project engineer; Nefta Villavicencio, Four C’s field superintendent; and Kevin Harker, Four C’s jobsite foreman.

“This was a high-visibility job and Sunset Development placed a lot of faith in us to get the job done right,” said Asbury. “It was a long process from start to finish, and watching the project come to fruition after many months of built-up excitement was extremely rewarding.”