Oceanfront Paradise

Durable Concrete Roof on New Resort in Kauai, Hawaii

by Ann Iten, director of marketing, Boral Roofing


Opened in June 2018, Timbers Kauai Ocean Club and Residences at Hōkūala in Kauai, Hawaii, exudes luxury and ultimate island living. Located on the island’s picturesque southeast coast, Timbers Kauai offers residents breathtaking unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean bookended by the verdant Hau’pu mountain range, as well as direct access to the unparalleled shoreline.

For those lucky enough to own an exquisite oceanfront home at the resort or to have the opportunity to rent a home for vacation, they enjoy a thoughtfully curated collection of amenities and services, including access to a full-service restaurant featuring a progressive approach to farm-fresh Hawaiian food, an oceanfront infinity-edge swimming pool, a separate ohana pool with a beach entry, and water features that are the heart of the resort. Access to water-sport activities, an outdoor fitness lanai, a youth activity hub, and spa and yoga programming are also available. These are but a few of the onsite amenities.

This incredible oceanfront resort location can best be described as paradise. The site is enviable, and the design of the resort includes very specific, detailed aesthetics, from the cladding to the windows to the roofs, interior finishes, and landscaping. To match the architect’s vision, the designers turned to Boral® Roofing, specifying Saxony 900 Slate Appalachian blend, a product with earthy stone hues designed to replicate the look of real slate.

“The roof forms’ tile covering and copper eaves provide an attractive and appropriate termination for the vertical building elements below,” said Gary Ross, director of architecture at Timbers Resorts. “The color and texture of the roof covering complements the volcanic stone cladding at the building’s base as well as the stone seen intermingled with the lush landscaping and scenic backdrop of the peaks of the Hau’pu Mountains beyond Nawiliwili Bay.”

Installation of the roof was led by Honolulu Roofing and Waterproofing, Honolulu, Hawaii. A project comprising three large buildings and 600 squares, the installation occurred over a three-month period. “We were dealing with adverse weather, including heavy rains and hurricane warnings,” said Dan Jaeger, vice president of Honolulu Roofing and Waterproofing. “The hurricane warnings forced us at one point to bring the tile, which was already in transit to Kauai, back to Oahu, Hawaii, because they wouldn’t allow us to deliver it on the island during those warning periods.”

Despite weather delays, the Honolulu Roofing team completed the installation seamlessly once it got started. “We found it extremely easy in part because Boral Roofing was there on site to help our workers and guide them through the installation,” added Jaeger. “It’s really great to see a manufacturer present and putting that level of effort into an installation.”

Since concrete tile is a high-quality, durable roofing solution that lasts much longer than some other competing roofing options, it is an ideal solution for the resort. Since it is designed to be an enduring solution with a long lifespan, owners need not worry about constant replacement. The low-maintenance roofing option allows for repairs to be made to localized areas on the roof if damage is ever sustained.

Sustainability is an added benefit of the concrete roof tile. It is manufactured using naturally occurring and abundant geologic materials, incorporates no chemical preservatives, and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life on the roof. Concrete tile also provides the resort with energy-efficiency benefits, rendering significant reductions in the ongoing energy costs associated with heating and cooling the property.

Another core consideration in the selection of the roof was storm resistance. The subtropical weather on Kauai can often be unpredictable. One day the hot, humid sun beats down, the next day torrential rainfall pours from the sky followed by fierce wind. To combat this type of weather, the resort’s developers wanted a roofing material that was durable and could withstand the elements. Boral Roofing’s tile not only provided the look the architects desired, but also offers the weather resistance needed for Kauai’s beautiful, but sometimes testy, climate that can include heat, rain, and sometimes hail.

“In using Boral roof tiles, we were able to specify a product that not only met the stringent wind and rain conditions of building in Hawaii, but also provided the style and elegance required of this project,” said Chris Ridings, partner at Poss Architecture and Planning, Aspen, Colorado, the design firm retained by Timbers Resorts for the project.

For instance, hailstorms can wreak serious damage to a roof. The concrete roof offers a Class 4 hail rating and is able to withstand 2” ice ball impacts shot from a cannon at 70 mph in accordance with the FM 4473. Hail-rated tile is certified through the Roof Covering Impact Certification Program, which is sponsored by Architectural Testing, an independent laboratory accredited by multiple national agencies. Concrete roof tile also scores high in fire resistance. The Timbers Kauai roof is non-combustible, helping prevent ignition from occurring. The tile offers a Class A fire rating, the highest fire resistance rating for roofing.

It’s important to note that building for durability and resiliency doesn’t necessitate visually unappealing roofing. Timbers Kauai Ocean Club and Residences at Hōkūala encourages luxury island living, and the roof is no exception. Residents and guests enjoy unparalleled views, ocean activities, luxe architecture, the finest in finishes, and countless amenities. However, their continued comfort is ensured by a well-constructed property comprised of quality materials.

“At our core, Timbers Resorts strives to embrace a sense of place in every project locale we develop,” added Ross. There is no doubt Timbers Resorts has achieved its goal. Timbers Kauai is an incredible place, but it is also exceptionally crafted and built to endure for years to come.