Hail Headaches

Composite Slate Saves Residential Roof in Frisco, Texas

by Kathy Ziprik, public relations, DaVinci Roofscapes



Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the roofs. Unfortunately, that means Mother Nature has a larger target when pelting down hail. What’s the solution? Composite slate roofs from DaVinci Roofscapes®. If you’re a homeowner and you get one or two hail storms every few years, it’s a nuisance. Sometimes the hail is smaller, and it doesn’t damage your roof. However, if you live in a tornado-prone area, like the Taylors in Frisco, Texas, then you can’t turn a blind eye to storms coming your way on a regular basis.

“We get approximately three significant hail storms each year in our area,” said Larry Taylor. “Our composition shingle roof simply couldn’t handle the constant hail. Our home is just ten years old but the roof was beaten up with the constant hail damage.”

To stop the hail headaches Taylor and his wife started searching online for a new roof. They decided on a DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof in a smokey gray color for their old world style stone home. “My wife and I were strongly considering a real slate roof,” said Taylor. “Many factors, including the weight and cost of real slate, made us look at similar alternatives. That’s how we discovered the DaVinci composite slate roofs.

“We decided to invest in a DaVinci roof because we liked the depth and character of their slate shingles. The choice of colors was terrific, and we liked the low maintenance and fire resistance of the product. Most importantly, this roofing has been tested and warranted for impact. We don’t want to have to replace another roof again in our lifetime.”

DaVinci’s Single-Width tiles add a budget-friendly touch to a home when installed in either a straight or staggered pattern. The uniform tile size and impact-resistant composite construction work to reduce waste and speed up installation. With a 12” tile width and 1/2” thickness, the DaVinci Single-Width tiles are twice the thickness of most other synthetic slate pieces. Engineered to handle the most severe weather conditions, the composite slate pieces now on the Taylor’s home have a Class 4 impact resistance rating and a Class A fire rating. The tiles can even withstand severe winds up to 110mph and are approved by the Texas Department of Insurance.

After working with MK Custom Roofing, Fort Worth, Texas, the Taylors have the roof of their dreams. “We love this roof,” said Taylor. “We’re constantly getting comments and compliments from our neighbors. We’re proud to be the first ones in our neighborhood that have this composite slate roof. The HOA had to approve this type of new roofing material for our community, and we’re certain more of our neighbors will move to this type of composite roofing in the future.”

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