Design Platform

Renoworks Software Inc. has announced the launch of Renoworks FastTrack, an all-in-one platform that provides design, true-to-life, and 3D visualizations, as well as accurate measurements for the home construction and remodeling industry. Renoworks FastTrack, powered by Geomni, aims to streamline the lengthy home renovation process by reducing time-consuming home visits and helping contractors measure projects accurately and estimate quickly.

Requiring only an address, FastTrack leverages Renoworks’ home visualization software and Geomni’s aerial imagery and measurement technology to provide true-to-life visualization, interactive 3D models, and accurate measurements to users without the need to physically take photographs or measurements of a home. FastTrack takes building product interaction to the next level by empowering contractors and homeowners to measure projects with the manufacturer’s products, in addition to visualizing what the home will look like when it’s complete.

The remodeling value chain, from the homeowner’s initial decision to renovate to the completion of the project, has historically been lengthy and high-touch. Renoworks FastTrack, vastly simplifies the renovation process so contractors can spend less time traveling, designing, measuring, and estimating and more time winning jobs and completing projects. Roofing manufacturers are able to provide accurate roofing measurements that include roof squares, area, slope, and other property information to their roofing and contractor customers, along with state-of-the-art 3D visualizations to help estimate and win jobs faster.

With the addition of launching FastTrack for roofing manufacturers, Renoworks has also launched the Renoworks FastTrack Beta Program, granting access to the pilot to non-roofing manufacturers and material suppliers so they can test the new platform while providing feedback to shape the experience to their needs.