A Wine Lover’s Dream

Stunning Clay Tile Roof for Winery Clubhouse in Dundee Hills, Oregon

by Ali Turner, editorial assistant



When it comes to drinking wine, having a dreamy locale to sip, relax, and unwind is a must. For wine enthusiasts who venture to Domaine Serene, the Dundee Hills, Oregon, winery known for its world-class pinot noir and chardonnay, they are in luck. The winery is home to an elegant new tasting room and visitor center, known as the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse was built with an old-world approach, featuring a spectacular grand room for public wine tasting, a members-only lounge, and a dedicated food and wine pairing lounge, all wrapped by a large patio that frames sweeping views of the Willamette Valley. A chef-inspired commercial kitchen houses a top-tier culinary team that hosts wine tastings and events for more than 300 guests at a time. It is a truly beautiful addition to one of Oregon’s most esteemed wineries.

When it came time to choose a roof system for their elegant investment, Domaine Serene turned to MCA® Clay Roof Tile to ensure a classic and durable final look. MCA Clay Roof Tile is a leader in the clay roof production industry. They are known not only for their high-quality products, which are made to withstand the harshest elements, but also for their commitment to providing a myriad of options for historic reproductions and renovations. The Willamette Valley is protected by the Cascade Mountains to the east, the Coast Range Mountains to the west, and a series of lower hill chains to the north. While this landscape creates an ideally cool climate for pinot noir grapes to thrive, it can wreak havoc on roofs not meant for harsh weather.

MCA’s large color selection and range of styles allow building owners and homeowners to have a greater flexibility to create a finished product that ranges from traditional, old-world aesthetics to contemporary roof designs. For Domaine Serene’s Clubhouse, the winery owner was looking for a specific European, old-world style that MCA was able to recreate by providing a custom three-color blend of their two-piece Corona Tapered Mission™ tile. By blending 33% natural red, 33% tobacco full surface, and 33% peach buff full surface, MCA precisely matched the color that the winery owner was looking for. Furthering their commitment to excellence, MCA even mixed the tiles on the palettes, which greatly increased the speed of installation by the roofing contractor, CC&L Roofing, Portland, Oregon.

Before laying the tiles down on the 3:12 roof slope, CC&L Roofing first installed Malarkey Roofing Products®’ Arctic Seal® vapor retarder over plywood sheathing. Malarkey’s Arctic Seal is an ice and water barrier underlayment that features a peel-and-stick design to ensure it is fully adhered to the roof deck. Next, two layers of 1-3/4” Hunter Panels polyiso with offset seams was placed over the vapor retarder, followed by 5/8 plywood, which then received two layers of half-lapped Malarkey Right Start™ 40 lb. felt underlayment with Malarkey Arctic Seal at eaves and valleys. This was a wise choice for Domaine Serene, for the Willamette Valley is no stranger to ice and water intrusion. In fact, one of the challenges that CC&L Roofing faced was dealing with a roof covered in ice. The experienced roofing team sprinkled rock salt to help melt the ice and also used tie-offs to ensure the safety of their employees.

Additionally, contractors that were installing the windows, stone sills, and stucco were not able to walk on the clay roof tile, for they’d damage the finished product. Since much of the Clubhouse roof has both stucco walls and windows above the lower roof line, once CC&L Roofing installed the Malarkey 40 lb. felt and horizontal 2×4 stringers and placed the sheet lead head flashings, the roofing team then had to wait for the completion of both the windows and stucco prior to finalizing the roof tile installation.

“Thankfully, there was not one leak,” said Dan Cornwell, president, CC&L Roofing. This was in large part to Malarkey’s reliable underlayment, as well as the precision installation by Cornwell’s team. Furthermore, the roof was finished in an old-world style with vertical 2×4 stringers installed under all cap tiles. This method provides a more secure attachment for the tiles while also solidifying the tiles under foot traffic, as opposed to more modern styles such as tie wires or long nails.

“We bought and installed semi loads of 2×4 stringers, which is a more costly method, but one that is tried and true for centuries,” explained Cornwell. “In our opinion, it is a more reliable option for the long-term performance of a clay tile roof system.”

CC&L Roofing fastened cap tiles, eave tiles, and trim tiles with copper or stainless steel nails, and booster eave tiles were attached with 14-gauge copper wire. Cement mortar for wind and rain weather blocking was installed under all hip and ridge tiles. CC&L Roofing also installed cement mortar at eave closures with weep holes pointed under eave tiles above gutters to match details used on centuries-old European clay tile roofs and to further enhance the weather-resistance of the roof system. Copper roof flashings were installed over gutters and at walls, chimneys, and crickets with sheet lead flashings dressed over the tiles and mortar along the head walls.

Domaine Serene will use the new Clubhouse as a way to uphold their legacy within the Oregon wine community. They host James Beard Celebrity Chef Benefit Dinners, sommelier events, and many charity-driven functions that benefit the entire wine industry. This Clubhouse, with its stunning clay tile roof, adds to the impressive history of Domaine Serene and its world-class wines.


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