Sales Representative

Western Colloid, a provider of fluid applied reinforced roofing, has welcomed Julie Barajas as the new Northern California sales representative servicing the California region north of Bakersfield. She will be focused on supporting roofing contractors, distributors, and roofing consultants in their use and promotion of fluid applied roofing systems.









Barajas has been active for years with the RCA of California and Southern California RCA. She has an extensive network of contacts in the roofing industry and a reputation for caring about the continued improvement of the industry.

“Barajas has proven herself with her work in the Southern California RCA. She understands roofing contractors and manufacturers and how to create win-win scenarios,” states Greg Hlavaty, Western Colloid’s corporate general manager. “In just the past few weeks since she came into our employ she has made it a point to get on roofs and speak with the crews. She is a real asset to have on the team.”

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