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Forging trusted relationships is a crucial part of the roofing business.  While building 
owners are searching for roofing solutions that will keep their buildings safe, roofing
contractors want to build relationships with customers and become reliable partners.
Jewett Roofing of Colorado Springs, Colorado has built one of these relationships 
with Colorado College of Colorado Springs.  By working to find roofing solutions for 
various buildings around campus, Jewett Roofing has built a very high level of trust 
in their craftsmanship and the quality of Duro-Last®, Inc. products.  Late last year 
the roof of Honnen Ice Arena, the practice facility for the nationally ranked Colorado 
College Tigers ice hockey team, needed a complete reroof.  The arena’s preexisting 
spray foam roof was destroyed by multiple hailstorms, with a recent storm producing hail up to 2" in diameter.
“Hail completely shredded the original spray foam roof,” said Eric Jewett, owner and president of Jewett Roofing.  “The hail penetrated the existing 2" of spray foam, so they were looking for a more durable solution.” 

A Unique Design Challenge
Part of the 37,000 sq.ft. roof consists of seven, round concrete barrels with a slope of about 5' to each barrel.  These barrels are in two sections:  the outer barrels which cover the building’s overhang, and the inner barrels, which were directly over the ice arena.  The barrels had a thin concrete deck; meaning mechanical attachment was not an option.  Therefore, Duro-Last’s Duro-Fleece® fleece-back membrane was applied with Duro-Grip® CR-20 adhesive over the outer barrels.  Being over an ice arena required special considerations for insulation on the inner barrels.  The solution for this part of the roof was the following assembly:  2 1/2" of Duro-Guard® ISO Insulation; 1/4" DensDeck® Prime Roof Board; Duro-Last SB IV Adhesive; and Duro-Tuff® membrane.
“The entire assembly was designed to stand up to the many challenges this arena faces, from the DensDeck to protect the roof from hail, to the insulation to maintain the temperatures necessary for the ice rink inside,” said Josh Butrin, vice president of Jewett Roofing.

Dealing with Extreme Weather Changes
On top of the complexity of the rooftop’s architecture, the weather conditions during the project also posed a challenge.  The project began in October of 2014 and went through January 2015, right at the beginning of winter.  Additionally, Colorado Springs’ location near the mountains makes it especially susceptible to swift changes in weather.  “We saw everything from 70° and sunny to well below freezing with ice and snow,” Butrin said.  These conditions made things especially tricky for using the CR-20 adhesive.  Jewett and his team had to get creative in order to keep the adhesive canisters warm and one option they used was an on-roof warming hut and electric blankets wrapped around the canisters in a small wagon.  “We wrapped the adhesive canisters in electric blankets to keep them warm, just like wrapping a baby,” Butrin said.  “The weather made it so we had to improvise, but we got creative so we could work even on the coldest days.” 
Another curve ball Mother Nature threw at this project was snow.  “There was an early snow storm that came out of nowhere,” Jewett said.  “Then there were days that we did nothing but shovel snow and hope that the forecast for sunny weather was correct so we could work the next day.”

Not One Solution, But Many
Duro-Last was able to offer high-quality materials for every part of this diverse installation.  With two different membranes Duro-Tuff and Duro-Fleece, ISO insulation, DensDeck roof boards, and EXCEPTIONAL® Metals edge metal and custom scuppers, Duro-Last was able to offer an entire Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky(TM) solution.  By working closely with Duro-Last's sales representatives, John and Adam Deal, and using their product knowledge, Jewett Roofing was able to come up with an entire roof assembly for this tricky application.  One of the biggest selling points for Duro-Last is its energy efficiency.  Colorado College has a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020 as part of the signing of the American College and University president’s Climate Commitment pledge.  Part of this commitment requires reducing energy usage on campus by 30% through building maintenance and investments in building technology.  “Colleges are very concerned about their environmental impact and ecological footprint,” Jewett said.  “Anything they can do to have their utilities running less is a big deal.”

One Job Leads to Another
Additionally, the environmental impact and long-term proven performance of Duro-Last products have made them a good fit for this job, and others on campus.  “As a private school, Colorado College has a significant stake in making great long-term investments,” Butrin said.  “They don’t mind paying more for high-quality solutions and recognize the long-term value of Duro-Last products.”
Other buildings Jewett Roofing has completed work on at the college include classrooms, dorm halls, the Cornerstone Arts Center, Barnes Science Center, and the facilities department building.  Each of these jobs has utilized different Duro-Last products, including Duro-Last prefabricated membrane, Duro-Fleece, and Duro-Tuff.  “Being able to find so many different roofing solutions from a contractor that we can rely on has been great for us,” said Chris Coulter, director of facilities services for Colorado College.  “We know that Jewett Roofing is a trusted partner that will always stand behind their work.”  This trust has given the college confidence in both Duro-Last products and the installation, helping Jewett Roofing win jobs with the college, with more jobs coming up.
“It’s really a three-legged stool between us, the college, and Duro-Last,” Butrin said.  “When Colorado College has roofing needs, they know they can trust Duro-Last’s products and our installation.  They know that our employees will be respectful, the roof will be installed to the highest standard, and we won’t install a subpar product, no matter what.”
Building Relationships & Finding Solutions
Reroof for the Honnen Ice Arena in Colorado Springs
by Jenny Bruzewski, marketing communications manager, Duro-Last Roofing