Donated Roof

After committing his life to serving so many others like himself, wounded United States Marine Corporal Chris Miller found himself on the receiving end of veteran support as he became the recipient of several generous contributions for his new home, including a donated roof from TAMKO® Building Products LLC and installation from contractor Absolute Assurance Restorations, Mansfield, Ohio, thanks to the coordinated efforts of contractor Atlas Restoration, Sunnyvale, Texas.

During his civilian life, Miller, an Ohio resident, has dedicated his time to assist other veterans across the country with their transition out of the military by boosting their spirits and supporting wounded service members in their efforts to regain mobility. A wounded veteran himself, Miller travels the United States as an ambassador for the Travis Mills Foundation, a nonprofit that assists veterans who have been injured during active duty. Through motivational speaking engagements, Miller inspires veterans by sharing his own experiences, including surviving a stabbing in the back and a 50-foot cliff fall that left him paralyzed from the neck down and in a wheelchair for more than a year. Miller is also an ambassador for Dogs For Our Brave, a foundation that trains and provides service dogs for veterans who need them, at no cost to the veteran. Between the two organizations, Miller has helped raise nearly $3 million.

In addition to organizing TAMKO’s roof donation for the project, Texas contractor Atlas Restoration was instrumental in gathering other donors and involving key participants, such as ABC Supply, who helped coordinate delivering the material to the jobsite. The house was completed in September 2020 and features TAMKO Heritage Aged Wood shingles.

With its spirit of patriotism, veterans have been a major focus of TAMKO’s community giving for many years, inspiring the America’s Shingle campaign launched in 2020. In addition to financial, roofing material, and private flight transportation donations for veterans, TAMKO’s support is also reflected in its hiring of military service men and women, which represent 15% of the company’s workforce.