Construction Management

If you are looking to fast-track your construction management career, then Construction Management Jumpstart: The Best First Step Toward a Career in Construction Management is the book for you. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of the industry, but the book also includes step-by-step instructions for executing projects from start to finish. It is written from the perspective of the Barbara J. Jackson, PhD, FDBIA, director of the California Center for Construction Education and a professor of Construction Management at California Polytechnic State University, who has decades of working both as a licensed contractor and design-builder and also advising individuals in their careers.

You will learn fundamental principles that motivate the industry as well as familiarize yourself with technological advancements such as the building information modeling system and how it’s changing the profession. You will also familiarize yourself with how to evaluate project performance and assess risks. Construction Management Jumpstart is the definitive introduction to the field, providing a detailed walkthrough of each stage of a project from the construction manager’s perspective. Authoritative coverage of fundamental concepts and practices clearly delineates the manager’s role, while step-by-step guidance provides valuable instruction for essential management duties.

This new third edition has been updated to reflect the field’s current environment and best practices, giving students a highly relevant introduction to an evolving industry. Three new chapters include insightful discussion of the pre-construction phase, team management, and sustainability, while challenging chapter review questions help reinforce important concepts and help translate them to practice.

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