TENNA┬«, the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, has launched the TennaCAM, the newest member of the Tenna hardware product line and safety functionality. The TennaCAM dashcam device is Tenna’s latest contribution to total equipment fleet management for the construction industry. Ideal for capturing safety incidents and monitoring the behavior of drivers operating heavy trucks and vehicles in a construction fleet, the TennaCAM captures footage that provides context and acts as a source of truth in the event of an incident, accident, or safety violation. Available to pair with both OBD-II and JBUS fleet trackers via WiFi, the TennaCAM uses Bluetooth technology to trigger real-time camera recordings when unsafe driving events are detected.

The TennaCAM expands Tenna’s existing driver safety features which includes driver scorecards for monitoring safe driving behavior. Additionally, there are several other benefits that a safety camera can provide to contractors. The footage and data from the TennaCAM delivers insights that can help contractors improve safety and reduce risk over time, while also expediting insurance claims, reducing insurance premiums, and exonerating drivers when they are involved in on-road incidents where they are not at-fault.

The TennaCAM tracker is powerful, easy-to-install, and flexible for reliable on-road safety monitoring to meet the needs of the construction industry. Management and other selected personnel are notified when unsafe driving events are detected and dashcam video clips can be reviewed within minutes on the Tenna platform. The TennaCAM helps contractors increase visibility, reduce costs and violations, and provide insights to improve safety across their heavy truck and vehicle fleet.

Tenna’s One Platform solution coupled with their family of integrated hardware, like the TennaCAM, can track, process, automate, and inform contractors on how to improve the management of their entire mixed fleet. A complete range of hardware solutions allows Tenna to customize a solution that will match each of their customer’s needs. Contractors no longer need to spend money on multiple, disjointed tracking systems. Tenna is a sophisticated software platform that ties multiple tracking and management functionality with mixed construction assets together into one platform.

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