Tool Tethers

Gear Keeper® has new compact Super Coil™ 6’ anchored tool tethers that provide more stretch and retraction than competitive tethers that utilize a stiff bungee-type elastic core. These new low-force anchor tethers from Gear Keeper are designed to increase safety for technicians working at heights or working in small quarters by minimizing entanglement issues. Designed with Gear Keeper’s unique and proprietary low-force woven polyurethane elastic core, the new Gear Keeper anchored tool tether has the shortest relaxed length and longest extension length of competitive products.

The new 1” Super Coil Anchor Tethers are designed for use with tools that are either too heavy to be safely attached to a person, up to 25 lbs., or when it is more advantageous to anchor the tool to a structure. The tether also offers a long working length for attachment to a lift bucket, and has two stainless steel locking carabiners for attachment to a structure and a tool.

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