Tool Review: Upgrade Your Toolbox

SENCO’s Roofing Nailer Will Get You to the Next Job Fast

by Ali Turner, editorial & multimedia manager

From what we can tell from our readers, as well as what we’ve seen around our own neighborhoods, roofing professionals are knee-deep in work right now. Homeowners and building owners have been zealous this summer at getting roof repairs done on both residential and commercial locations. Roofing contractors have had to rely on top-notch tools that can transition between different jobs and get any project done quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, SENCO® has your back with its Roofpro™ 445XP Roofing Nailer.

SENCO is a historic name in innovative tool solutions. For nearly 100 years, the company has been designing and manufacturing nailers, staplers, screw systems, compressors, fasteners, and much more. SENCO’s tools last for years, allowing roofing and construction professionals to have the peace of mind that they can perform jobs efficiently and correctly without worrying about their tools.

This 1-3/4″ coil nailer has an innovative firing valve that reduces air consumption without compromising on power or speed. A bi-metal driver blade reduces wear and improves durability, while a power in/power out feed system improves speed and delivers consistent drives. An innovative metal wear plate in the nail canister reduces wear and helps improve the nail feed, and there is a handy adjustable and removable shingle guide. The roofing nailer is 10-7/8″ high, 10-5/8″ long, and 4-1/2″ wide, making it a smart choice for narrow or difficult positions on the roof.

We took the Roofpro 445XP for a whirl on a section of asphalt shingles, as well as a piece of lumber, to test its strength and accuracy. We tested the pneumatic tool bump-fire mode and were pleased with the speed, recoil, and maneuverability of the Roofpro as we installed our shingles. While bump mode can help increase the speed of installation, it can be tricky and even dangerous when the rapid firing goes awry. If a roofing contractor isn’t focused and steady, bump mode can often lead to erroneously placed nails and contractor injuries. SENCO’s Roofpro helped to eliminate much of that worry, as the nailer has excellent handling. At just 5.2 lbs., which is lighter than many other roofing nailers on the market, the trigger loads easily and has very user-friendly, light firing. When it’s time to reload the Roofpro, a quick flip opens the nail canister and allows for a roll of 100 nails to be loaded. As with all roofing nailers, it’s important to find a rhythm while installing, and the weight and hand-grip of SENCO’s Roofpro 445XP Roofing Nailer makes that an easy task.

Whether you have a big or small job, the Roofpro 445XP will help you get it done in lightning speed. Incredible durability, coupled with its light weight, allow roofing professionals to complete a job far before experiencing muscle fatigue. Impressively fast trigger action does not impede the accuracy of the nailings. Instead, the smooth nail delivery ensures a perfect installation every time. As with other SENCO products, the Roofpro 445XP Roofing Nailer comes with a five-year limited warranty, meaning SENCO will repair or replace any product or part that is defective in materials or workmanship, within reason.

As the height of summer continues, help you and your team get through the long workdays by using high-powered, reliable tools. Slow, inefficient, and cumbersome roofing nailers will set you back and ultimately affect your bottom line. Look to SENCO and its new Roofpro 445XP to get your projects completed during this busy season and beyond.

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