Single-Ply Accessories

New custom single-ply accessories from Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. make it easy for contractors to deliver professional-looking TPO and PVC roofing systems when the aesthetic of the roof is key and accessories in standard sizes and configurations will not work. The new program is an extension of the company’s existing collection of prefabricated accessories. Designed for use on unusually sized or shaped roof protrusions that will not accommodate standard accessories, the custom accessories provide a neater, more polished appearance than is possible with field wrapping.

Seven types of accessories are available, including: round boots, split and closed; square tube wraps, split and closed; conical boots, split and closed; scuppers, throughwall and overflow; and curbs, breather vents, and sub base and boot assemblies. Accessories for TPO roofing systems are available in white, tan, gray, patina green, medium bronze, rock brown, slate gray, and terra cotta. Accessories for PVC roofing systems are available in white, tan, and gray.

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