Redesigned App

AccuWeather has announced a completely redesigned version of its popular weather app that is easier to navigate for these everyday decisions. The app features an attractive and bold new user interface, while placing its unique and most valued feature, AccuWeather MinuteCast®, front and center in the new design. The new app enables users a significantly better and more convenient way to access AccuWeather’s highly accurate forecasts and alerts, as well as other comprehensive weather insights that users want and rely on most, such as the patented and exclusive AccuWeather RealFeel® temperature.

The dramatically upgraded AccuWeather app has new beautiful, useful detail, entertaining animations and other enhancements unique from other weather apps. Improved performance, faster load times, and better design, combined with the superior accuracy, precision, and reliability AccuWeather users have come to love and trust, create an ideal tool for users to plan their lives and get ahead of severe weather disasters.

The reengineered app experience, paired with AccuWeather’s proven accuracy and popular features, allows users to easily access the most up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and data. Most important, AccuWeather forecasts provide the best information that is not only convenient for planning, but that also helps protect people and property when severe weather threatens. Better displays more clearly communicate current and future weather conditions to help users make better weather-impacted decisions. Exclusive new satellite-based radar maps help users track the progression of tropical storms as they develop over water.

In the new app, users can easily interact with AccuWeather MinuteCast to see precipitation intensity and types predicted for their precise location, for every single minute up to two hours. AccuWeather has also created an easily navigable hourly screen with hourly forecast data, up to 72 hours, that naturally and effortlessly gives a user the data they need to stay informed, including UV index alerts and storm warnings. Light, black, and dark modes enable user customization for greater personalization and convenience. In coming updates, the app will also feature exclusive air-quality forecasts up to 96 hours ahead, providing users with insights into outdoor air quality to inform healthier lifestyle choices.

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