Product Lineup

Nationwide Protective Coating Manufacturers Inc. has developed a new PERMAPRODUCTS lineup for 2020, consisting of acrylic elastomeric, insulating ceramic, and waterproofing protective roof coating systems designed for any roof. This includes the company’s improved PERMAKOTE® Roof Coating, SHINGLE SEALER™ for shingle roofs, as well as the all new PERMAGLAZE™ Tile Roof Sealer. The PERMAPRODUCT lineup includes the company’s elastomeric roof coatings and caulks, as well as clear and semi-transparent sealers providing superior reflectivity, mildew resistance, energy efficiency, and soundproofing. These products have both transferable and renewable warranties and are available in beautiful finishes and custom colors.

The PERMAPRODUCTS line has unique formulas that allow for significant energy savings. Having a white, reflective roof surface can reduce the roof’s surface temperature up to 100º F, significantly decreasing the amount of heat transferred into the building and reducing peak hour cooling demands. PERMAPRODUCTS roofing systems are easier to install and maintain than conventional tear-off roof installations, and also eliminate unnecessary construction waste. This means projects generally cost a fraction of the price of a new roof installation.

As Nationwide Protective Coatings begins its seventh decade of manufacturing in 2020, the company continues to provide high-quality waterborne solutions for each roofing project. Its newly developed PERMAPRODUCTS lineup ensures Nationwide Protective Coatings has a solution for each and every roof style, substrate, and type of roof for years to come.

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