Horizontal Lifeline

Guardian® has announced its new 60’ Retractable Horizontal Lifeline. The Retractable Horizontal Lifeline is a landmark product, allowing the worker-at-height to create a robust cable horizontal lifeline solution from 10’ to 60’ with a single, easy-to-deploy unit. The Retractable Horizontal Lifeline is assembled in the United States from corrosion-resistant materials and can accommodate up to two workers in fall arrest. Although compatible with any at-height situation requiring a horizontal lifeline, the Retractable Horizontal Lifeline excels in general industry applications where quick deployment between compatible ad-hoc structural anchor points may be needed.

An ergonomic handle makes the unit comfortable to carry and deploy, and the patent-pending retraction mechanism is operable by hand or cordless drill for quick lifeline storage. The Retractable Horizontal Lifeline also features Guardian’s metal energy absorber to keep endpoint loads to a minimum.



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