Foam Roof

Today’s building codes demand new levels of performance and responsiveness to climate-driven provisions. The QUIK-SHIELD® 155 Roofing System from SWD is a low global warming potential product, meeting the HFC-free mandate for California and other states in 2020.

SWD’s QUIK-SHIELD Urethane Foam Roof System provides a seamless and monolithic roof with no mechanical fasteners, providing the building with an unsurpassed air barrier and increased thermal resistance. Quik-Shield Roof Systems also self-flash around HVAC curbs, vents, and skylights. There is zero thermal bridging, and no joints to fail.

SWD was founded by spray foam contractors over 45 years ago who were looking for roofing and insulation solutions that traditional polyurethane suppliers could not provide. SWD is a company that has a unique understanding of how to partner with its customers to help grow businesses effectively and profitably. SWD has expanded into providing breakthrough polyurethane systems for a number of industries around the globe, including both construction and industrial products.

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