Title 24 Compliant

De La Salle High School Needed Energy-Efficient Roofing Solution to Comply with Title 24 in Concord, Calif.

by Peggy Mackinnon, Peggy Mackinnon, Inc.


From Western Roofing May/Jun ’07


De La Salle High School in Concord, Calif., needed a new roof on its 11,200-square-foot, basketball gymnasium about the same time as California’s Title 24 energy-efficient roofing standards were adopted. The roofing contractor, Enterprise Roofing Service, offered the owner three options to comply.

“We could add more insulation, coat the roofing system, or install a four-ply built-up system with Johns Manville’s new energy-efficient cap sheet, GlasKap® CR,” said Steve Reardon, estimator and project manager for Enterprise Roofing, Concord, Calif. “The owner selected the JM system with GlasKap CR, which was the most cost-effective. It also allowed us the opportunity to install a multi-ply system which we’ve be doing for the last 45 years.”

The old system was a tar gravel built-up roof over a lightweight insulating steel deck. There was significant ponding in the middle. The general contractor, Cahill Contractors of San Francisco, tore off the membrane and lightweight deck.

Over the structural concrete deck, Enterprise mopped a 3” layer of ENRGY 3(tm) insulation. It then applied three layers of GlasPly® premier felt and the GlasKap CR cap sheet.

One of the challenges was to keep hot asphalt from leaking through to the gym floor. The gym roof was built with pre-stressed concrete Twin T construction. Cahill pre-stripped the concrete seams and filled the joints with epoxy, making it much easier for Enterprise Roofing to prevent leakage.

In addition, Cahill completely rewired the gym, which required electrical conduits along the deck. Because the conduits were not linear, Enterprise had to cut the insulation to fit the bends. Despite the challenges, Enterprise completed the roofing project in three weeks.

This was a high-profile project for Enterprise. De La Salle High School is recognized for its extraordinary football record. The team had owned a record 151-game winning streak from 1992 to 2003, more than doubling the previous record of 72. To date, the streak is the longest in sports history (high school, college, and professional), with the exception of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team.

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