Updated Guide

Dome Living: What You Need to Know About a Monolithic Dome Home is a new must-have, must-read e-book from the Monolithic Dome Institute. It contains down-to-earth information on just about anything and everything that has to do with designing and building your dream home.

Dome Living is a comprehensive planning guide with valuable information, including: how to get a dream home that’s disaster resistant, energy efficient, low maintenance, and affordable; more than 100 floor plans, detailed with room measurements; color photos of beautiful Monolithic Dome dream homes; the cutting-edge technology Monolithic uses and its innovative construction process; the four major materials used in building a Monolithic Dome home; what gives a Monolithic Dome home the strength to survive a tornado, hurricane, and earthquake; how the dome’s concrete significantly minimizes fire damage; photos of and information about Monolithic Domes that successfully withstood a disaster; how Monolithic’s insulation makes a home energy efficient and more affordable; the design flexibility of a dome; decorating ideas; how to choose a contracting plan and builder; easy-to-understand definitions for building codes, regulations, and necessary documents; dome rentals; and much more.



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