Roof Drains

OMG® Roofing Products has expanded its popular line of OMG SpeedTite® Roof Drains to include 5” and 6” sizes. With these additions to the existing line of 3” and 4” drains, the company now offers a full-range of SpeedTite Drains to accommodate most roofing applications. SpeedTite Roof Drains are drop-in ready from the box and can be installed in seconds, making them some of the fastest installed roof drains for new or retrofit roofing applications.

Contractors simply insert the drain stem into the existing drain leader and hand-tighten the wing-nut on top of the integrated vortex breaker to create a symmetrical watertight seal. Since no special tools are required, the SpeedTite Drain installs in half the time of other insert drains for enhanced contractor productivity. It is also significantly faster than re-working a drain, which can take up to two hours of time.

SpeedTite Drains are installed from the rooftop, so the installation process will not disrupt building occupants. The one-piece seamless body and heavy-duty cast aluminum strainer dome and clamping ring provide strength and durability for long-term performance. Additionally, the 10”-long drain stem accommodates most existing conditions, and it can be shortened in the field to accommodate elbows or bends in the drain leader. An extra-large flange allows positive attachment of roof flashing membrane, and flanges are also available with TPO or PVC coatings for directly attaching the flashing membrane.

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