Big Base

GREEN LINK has engineered a new KnuckleHead 12” base, Big Base, designed to enhance the stability of larger rooftop-installed equipment. As with the standard universal base, the Big Base can be loose laid or attached. The new design features the standard universal KnuckleHead base in the center of a larger polyurethane base featuring a 12” diameter and 113.1 square inches of surface area. The standard universal base features a 7” diameter and 38.5 square inches of surface area.

As a loose laid element, the Big Base brings increased stability and load capacity especially applicable to conditions involving high winds, seismic events, or installations that involve higher elevations from the roof surface that raise the center of gravity. Four holes at the center of the universal base extend through the larger polymeric base allowing for attachment to the roof. Attachment involving the Big Base results in an extremely secure installation because it combines the benefits of a larger footprint with the additional security of four screws secured in the roof deck. GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant adheres to the new Big Base for further strengthening and sealing the installation.

GREEN LINK is an innovative engineering company that develops and produces polymeric architectural products for the construction industry. GREEN LINK is committed to processes and products that cause no harm to the environment or human life, and all products are produced in the United States.

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