Vest-Mounted Tethers

Current compliance challenges often require that all tools must be tethered when working at heights, including screwdrivers, pliers, radios, smart phones, and tablets. To avoid the obvious dangers of technicians being over-tethered, with numerous dangling cables hanging from tool belts, Gear Keeper® has the solution with its Vest-Mounted Retractable Tethers.

The new ANSI 121-compliant Vest-Mounted Retractable Tethers combine convenience and productivity with safe tool tethering. Hands-free and tucked away in a pocket, a technician’s vest can safely hold and secure many small hand tools and equipment. This low-profile Gear Keeper family of six retractable tethers is far less obtrusive and cumbersome than using bulky coils and cables. Mounted in a vest pocket, the retractable cables keep valuable small gear safe and out of the way, while allowing them to be easily available for use when needed.

All of the new Gear Keeper Vest-Mounted Retractable Tethers are easily attached by sturdy threaded mounts which can be installed in vests, coveralls, and any other clothing that has structure and is not mesh. Included in the new Gear Keeper Vest-Mounted Retractable Tether family of products are tethers for hard hats, smart phones, tablets, radios, tape measures, hand tools, and pencils and pens.

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