OMG® BeadPro™ Carts, a method for applying canister-based OlyBond500® Insulation Adhesive, now offers roofing contractors a choice of 6” or 12” on center bead application. Applying adhesive in straight-lines is the most efficient method for installing canister-based OlyBond500, and helps contractors achieve published coverage rates. While 12” on center bead spacing is common, there are also specifications requiring 6” on center bead spacing, so OMG has updated the BeadPro Cart to accommodate that application.

OMG BeadPro Carts offer a stable platform for holding adhesive canisters and allows contractors to apply four adhesive beads spaced perfectly at 6” or 12” on center. Contractors simply load the cart with the canisters, secure the hoses, and apply straight-line beads of OlyBond500 Insulation Adhesives.

OMG BeadPro Carts do not have pumps or other mechanical equipment that require maintenance, and come with solid tires that won’t go flat. In addition, each OMG BeadPro has a nozzle holder, hose hook for storage, and a lifting ring for hoisting the cart to the roof easily. Disposable hose assemblies come with a secondary in-line static mixer for higher rise and better yield and connect directly to the applicator assembly supplied with the OlyBond500 Canister set. With the continuing labor shortage in the roofing industry, the diverse OMG BeadPro Cart provides a one-man solution for applying perfectly spaced adhesives from canisters. Not only is it simple and easy-to-use, but it also eliminates the need to bring wagons, wheelbarrows, or other miscellaneous equipment to the roof.

Headquartered in Agawam, Massachusetts, OMG Roofing Products is a global supplier of commercial roofing products including specialty fasteners, insulation adhesives, engineered edge metal systems, roof drains, solar anchors, as well as productivity tools such as OMG BeadPro Carts. The company’s focus is delivering products and services that improve contractor productivity and enhance roof system performance.



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