Spray Equipment

The Roof Rabbit from RRC LLC is a new breed of spraying equipment. Its cantilevered design allows for coating applications to take place all while the user is walking behind it. The slide-through bulkhead design allows for left-handed or right-handed orientation in a matter of seconds. The unit’s collapsible design allows for easy storage in equipment trailers.

The reason behind the unique design of the unit is to keep the user in an upright standing position and walking naturally while spraying the roof surface. The ability for the user to remain in an upright position drastically minimizes lower back fatigue, compared to the constant torque that traditional wand spraying puts the user through. That constant torque from the bent-over swinging movement over long periods of time can inflict severe back discomfort later in life.

The Roof Rabbit’s flagship benefit is the overall increase in production it gives by maximizing the user’s pump efficiency. By using two evenly spaced spray tips, users are getting twice the output from the equipment that’s in use. Most pumps are not being efficiently used and are operating at below a 55% work load. The Roof Rabbit allows the user to maximize the pump’s capability and to increase it up to 80%. It is like having another sprayer on the job without having to buy additional equipment or hire anyone else. It allows the freed-up second sprayer to accomplish other needed job tasks.

In addition to increasing production, The Roof Rabbit keeps the spray tips at a consistent 12”-14” height from the surface. This allows greater user control of installing a consistent mil thickness. The traditional method of wand spraying routinely sees the user swinging back and forth in an arc motion, which causes the spray tip’s height from the surface to vary by 4”-6”, which can cause mil thickness variances. Added benefits of wider, straight passes is that the roof now has 50% less stitch lines between passes, which leaves a cleaner roof install and helps minimize product loss from overlaps so the contractor gains greater profit.

The Roof Rabbit’s design also allows for materials to be applied past the OSHA 6’ warning line and not have the user break the aforementioned warning barrier. The spray tips are cambered forwarded 3º, which allow the tips to spray right to the roof’s edge while the wheels remain on the roof’s surface. This is especially useful on metal roofs.



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