Property Software

The numbers on the cost of roofing leads and customer acquisition in the industry show a worrying sign for commercial roofing companies. In the past, roofing providers could generate leads with telemarketing and door-knocking, but these methods are proving to be unprofitable and time-consuming. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, roofing installers can comb through troves of data to quickly and efficiently generate leads.

Reonomy, a provider of property intelligence, has data on millions of commercial properties in the United States, including sales history, tax info, property size, debt history, and ownership contact information. The platform helps roofing installers specifically target commercial building owners and property managers who will likely be in need of roofing services now or in the near future. The owner of a roofing company could tap the Reonomy platform to view buildings that have not had a roofing repair or renovation in a certain number of years and generate business leads from cold calls after a snow storm.

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