Shake Shingles

Atlas® Roofing has announced that its StormMaster® Shake shingles exceed leading competitor brands for hail impact. The performance rating is based on 2019 results from a new test standard for impact resistance developed by the Insurance Institute for Business Home Safety (IBHS). Severe weather can displace families, disrupting their lives and impacting finances. To prevent these avoidable issues, IBHS conducts top-tier scientific research, the results of which help manufacturers engineer better materials, ultimately saving both the insurance industry and homeowners significant time and money.

The IBHS impact-resistance rating factors in how well shingles hold up to specific damage caused by hail. Out of the ten products tested, Atlas StormMaster Shake shingles received a good rating for dents/ridges and an excellent rating for tears and granule loss. In addition, StormMaster Shake is the only product to receive an excellent overall rating. The secret is in the company’s Core4™ Enhanced Polymer Technology, an innovative development in asphalt shingle manufacturing today.

IBHS tests replicate real-world conditions on a variety of widely purchased shingles labeled as impact resistant. Hail causes billions of dollars in property damage every year. Consumers deserve to have confidence that shingles labeled as impact resistant live up to expectations. The research serves to empower manufacturers to develop better products.

Atlas StormMaster Shake shingles with Core4 are made with enhanced virgin polymers that help to create an extremely durable shingle. Core4 consists of these four features: PolyCore™ technology, which is made from advanced polymer materials; FlexCore™ technology, which bends and resists breaking and cracking in the cold; WeatherCore™ technology, which resists impact from hail and high winds; and ThermalCore™ technology, which maintains shingles’ stability in severe weather conditions.

Atlas has been investing in and researching asphalt polymer technology for nearly 30 years. The company continues to improve its manufacturing process, always striving to provide consumers with high-quality, long-lasting products on the market. StormMaster Shake shingles are UL 2218 Class 4 Impact rated and come with a wind warranty up to 150 mph, with six-nail application. They also feature the power of Scotchgard™ Protector, which prevents the ugly black streaks caused by algae. StormMaster Shake shingles not only protect a home from the elements, they preserve its curb appeal too.

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