Regional Members

The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is gaining new members and affiliates as the metal roofing business opportunities in North America continue to expand. New MRA members include three new regional manufacturer members and three ancillary members. The MRA serves as a voice in driving market adoption of metal roofing and raising awareness for its durability, environmental benefits, and all-season protection in any climate. As a nonprofit organization, MRA members benefit from increased marketing support, online lead generation, and increased awareness through consumer and contractor information and educational initiatives.

New regional manufacturer MRA members include Cornett Roofing, Sound Building Supply, and Vicwest. New ancillary MRA members include Arkema-Bostik, MarketSharp®, and Mosaic.

Representing metal roofing manufacturers in the United States and Canada, the MRA was formed in 1998 to help educate consumers about the many benefits of metal roofs. The main objective of the MRA is to increase awareness of the beauty, durability, and money-saving advantages of quality metal roofs among homeowners, as well as to provide support for metal roofing businesses and contractors.

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