Portable Container

Equipter®, a provider of innovative roofing equipment, has introduced RB2500, a portable dump container that is designed to streamline the job from start to finish. A step above its predecessor, the RB2000, the RB2500 is still narrow enough to fit in tight spots, but is capable of lifting up to 2,500 lbs. of tools, materials, or debris. Its self-propelled roofing debris removal container helps streamline efficiency and takes care of the heavy lifting on nearly every job.

Transport the RB2500 lift on a utility trailer, just like other contracting equipment. Once you’re onsite, fire up its 9-horsepower Honda engine to navigate this compact dumpster through alleyways, down narrow sidewalks, and stone paths, nearly anywhere it’s needed.

After filling the 1.76 cubic yard container, use the lift’s engine to drive the aluminum container to an onsite dump truck, trailer, or another disposal spot. The easy-to-operate control panel lets you raise the lightweight container up to 7’ to easily dump the debris via the hinged door tailgate. Onsite debris disposal really can be as simple as that.

This compact, lightweight dumpster is specifically designed to fit in places other contractor equipment can’t. Its 4’x4”-wide chassis and easy maneuverability allows you to navigate into hard-to-reach areas, like alleyways, to catch falling debris.

Lift materials up to your level with the RB2500’s 7’ lift and secure the sturdy stabilizers to position the aluminum container right where you need it. This also cuts the distance debris will fall, helping reduce the risk of damage to your customer’s property.

Shoving debris directly into the raised container eliminates double- or triple-handling debris and reduces the number of times you or your employees handle materials, helping you finish jobs faster. Save hours of labor every day by streamlining jobsite setup and reducing time spent on debris hauling and disposal. Decreased cleanup time gets you and your crews home before dark.

Get the job done faster with the ability to maneuver into tighter spaces with the Equipter RB2500 lift. Its compact chassis and tight turning radius help you squeeze into places you just can’t take other contracting equipment. Equipter engineered the RB2500 lift to provide the cleanup power your crew needs without damaging customers’ homes, properties, or landscaping. The ability to complete projects faster without sacrificing quality craftsmanship leads to highly satisfied customers, which means a lift in long-term and new business opportunities.


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