Online Resources

TAMKO® Building Products LLC has launched a new collection of online resources. These new articles and pages are part of TAMKO’s effort to better educate homeowners about roofing with TAMKO shingles and to provide resources contractors can use to grow their businesses.

Among the new online resources is a new series of pages highlighting TAMKO’s shingle colors as part of the recently announced brand position of The Colors You Want. The Name You Trust. Each page features a specific color, highlighting the natural inspiration for the color, and helps guide homeowners through what the shingle looks like installed.

A new section of the TAMKO website with articles and resources also features pieces educating homeowners about their roofing projects and case studies on specific TAMKO shingle projects for contractor education. The new updates to TAMKO’s website also include a page devoted to TAMKO’s new America’s Shingle campaign. The page includes video resources and information about TAMKO’s ongoing support for veterans and their community. More online resources are planned for release later in the year, specifically benefitting contractors in the development of their businesses.

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