Luxury Home

Texas Luxury Home Gets Needed Storm Protection & Classic Slate-Style Aesthetic Appeal

by Paul Batt, CertainTeed Corporation

From Western Roofing Sep/Oct ’08


In Spring 2007, homeowners Bruce and Brenda Huckins had a shower of frustration rain down on the roof of their four-year-old luxury home in Colleyville, Texas, when a severe hailstorm blew through town.

The original slate-style fiber cement roof was destroyed after the barrage of hail chipped and cracked most of the shingles. The couple hired roofing contractor Webb Roofing & Construction Inc., of Bedford, Texas, to install a new slate alternative roof. To help them choose the best replacement material, Webb Roofing produced a mock-up on the roof of the home, which involved the temporary installation of several different high-quality, slate-emulating shingle samples.

“They wanted to see how each product would look, once installed,” says Webb Roofing project manager James Lozano. “We installed samples from all manufacturers of slate-style roofing products. The homeowners preferred the look of the asphalt composite slate-style shingles over the other slate alternative roofing products; they chose the CertainTeed® Centennial Slate (TM) shingles.”

Centennial Slate is a laminated asphalt composite shingle designed to emulate the natural color variations of true blended slate. The product features two full-size 18” x 36” base shingles, resulting in four layers of protection and an 8” exposure when applied. The shingles are also ideal for high-wind, storm-prone areas. It is backed by a ten-year wind warranty, for winds of up to 110 mph, and a lifetime, limited transferable warranty.

Webb Roofing began work in October 2007, removing the sample shingles and the original shingles. The contractor used two crews of eight workers to make things more efficient and to help maintain the home’s stately appearance. “One crew was tearing off shingles as the other crew was installing new ones,” Lozano says. “We didn’t want to remove all of the shingles at one time. Instead, we worked on one section of the home at a time, so as not to expose the un-shingled portion to the view of people passing by.”

The biggest challenge of the project was being high off the ground and navigating the steep 18/12 pitch of the luxury home’s intricate roof, which features several valleys and three turrets. The crew temporarily installed toe boards for added protection along the roof’s edge and made good use of ropes and safety harnesses. It was vital to ensure the safety of workers and protect the landscaping below from potential falling objects. “The extremely steep slope was a really big challenge for us, and the pitch of the turrets was pretty much straight up and down,” said Lozano. “But, we had good crews who are used to working with pitches like that. They were very careful.”

Over three weeks, the crews installed 167 squares of Centennial Slate shingles in Plymouth Rock color blend. This was the first time Webb Roofing had worked with Centennial Slate shingles, and the crew found them easy to install, Lozano said.

After installing the shingles, the crew painted the valleys and roof ends black to further accentuate the color of the shingles. The finished product was a vibrant, visually appealing roof, with the classic look of blended slate. The customer was very pleased. “They were really excited about the end product because it completely changed the appearance of their home. It’s an incredible look,” Lozano concluded.

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