New Products

IKO® Industries has introduced two new products to its line of AquaBarrier™ air and vapor barrier solutions. IKO AcrylicStick SA and IKO AcrylicStick SA Tapes are acrylic, adhesive-backed vapor barrier membranes that provide exceptional adhesion to most surfaces. The acrylic adhesive used in IKO AcrylicStick SA and IKO AcrylicStick SA Tapes is pressure-sensitive, allowing for high-quality adhesion to substrates, including gypsum, concrete, and plywood, without the use of primers. This saves up to 30% in application time, leading to labor cost savings. IKO AcrylicStick SA Tapes’ 4”, 6”, 12”, and 18” width offerings also allow for more accurate product ordering and budgeting. Designed with an acrylic coating for extra reinforcement and critical functionality in cold temperatures, these new products ensure the protection against air and vapor that builders rely on.

IKO AcrylicStick SA is a primerless, self-adhesive, non-permeable air and vapor barrier that provides extra protection and durability to keep outside elements out and inside elements in, as well as ensure wall assemblies remain dry and airtight. Completing the line are the IKO AcrylicStick SA Tapes, which use extra durability and versatility to prevent air and vapor leaks in specialized areas, such as windows, doors, and skylights. Used alongside the full AquaBarrier product line, these IKO products provide superior air and vapor protection for a wide variety of commercial building needs.

IKO AcrylicStick SA and IKO AcrylicStick SA Tapes provide an effective barrier to moisture, vapor transmission, and air leakage when installed according to IKO specifications, thereby protecting the integrity of the entire building. The acrylic formulation used in the products meets low volatile organic compound standards and can be used effectively in cold weather temperature applications. The membrane can be used for a variety of wall assembly applications, such as masonry cavity walls and metal cladding systems.

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