Liquid-Applied Resin

Kemper System has introduced its new KEMPEROL® 1K-LF Flashing, a single-component, UV-stable, low-odor, and solvent-free liquid-applied resin. This high-performance fully reinforced membrane system was designed for ease of application on complex details, adhering to damp surfaces, and is alkaline resistant. KEMPEROL Premium Fleece 165 is easily saturated with the 1K-LF Flashing resin, due to its perforated finish, further simplifying the membrane application.

With no mixing or waiting time needed, the resin is simply stirred and applied straight from the can to the substrate. KEMPEROL 1K-LF Flashing is ideal for waterproofing complex penetration details, flashings, skylights, drains, gutters, and retrofitting small roof and balcony projects.

Kemper System is a manufacturer of odor-free, liquid-membrane systems and provides long-term, built-to-last solutions for new roofing and waterproofing, cool roofs, green roofs, blue roofs, roof recoveries, metal roofs, balconies and terraces, plazas, historic restoration, gutters, interior and industrial applications, and below-grade waterproofing.

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